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Mask from Pacific Islands - Dallas Museum of Art

Where Do You Go in the Museum?

Whenever I go to a museum, I may go to see a specific exhibit, but more likely than not I end up in the exhibits that feature art and artifacts from Africa, Indonesia, New Guinea and Pacific Islands. There is something about these objects that is very compelling to me–the materials, the raw expression, and the purpose (real and imagined) for which they were created. In May, I went to teach at The Encaustic Center and spent some time in the Dallas Museum of Art. Here are some of the items that caught my attention.

Stirrup vessels - Arts of the Americas exhibit
Stirrup vessels – Arts of the Americas exhibit

Batik textile
Batik – Waxed: Batik from Java exhibit

African headdresses
Headdresses – Arts of Africa exhibit

Mask from Africa
Mask – Arts of Africa exhibit

Weaving from Pacific Islands
Weaving with beads – Arts of Pacific Islands exhibit

Ceremonial costume from Africa
Ceremonial costume – Arts of Africa exhibit

Islamic plate
Plate – Kier Collection of Islamic Art

And so I ask, where in the museum do you find yourself? What grabs you, pulls you in, and excites you?