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Swirling Sea

Since I’ve returned from India, there has been a lot to process. So much inspiration, so many faces, so many emotions….My plan to blog at least once a week while I was gone quickly went out the window as internet and wifi weren’t often reliable. My Instagram and Facebook posts chronicled some of the trip but it is only now that I’m putting some thoughts and feelings into words. The one blog I did start was just 10 days into the 6 week trip:

January 26, 2017 – “As I sat in a tuk tuk at rush hour in Jaipur, India this evening, I thought about how different, and yet not, this reality is. In this swirling sea of people, cars, buses, rickshaws, tuk tuks, bikes, scooters, cows, and dogs all swimming upstream and down, passing within millimeters, weaving in and out, it was pure mayhem. But controlled mayhem. Lots of honking, but no road rage. Everyone getting off work, stopping at the market, just trying to get where they’re going. In the past 10 days I’ve been in Mumbai, Udaipur, Pushkar and Jaipur, each city with their own unique qualities. What sticks out are the faces, the beauty, each our own realities and so much the same — reading the morning paper, laughing with friends, stuck in traffic and a smiling at a stranger.”

I’ll be posting more images and words in the next few weeks and of how the trip is influencing new artwork. I’m excited to see where all this inspiration leads….

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  1. Debby Scherer

    !I love every piece of art that you have previously made and shared with us, and I must admit that I am really looking forward to seeing how India has inspired you even further!

    1. Sue

      Thanks Debby!

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