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Contemplative Practices in Art

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
In person workshop
July 17-22, 2022

Develop an expansive view of what art making can be and gain a deeper understanding of creativity during this weeklong retreat for artists and non-artists alike.
Guided by multimedia artists Lisa Pressman and Susan Stover, we focus on repetitive processes in art making that are meditative and contemplative such as mark-making, drawing, stitching, bundling, collecting, and site-specific installations in nature.
We utilize the campus as a source of inspiration by taking walks, collecting, and drawing outside. Some of the activities on campus include:
Drawing to music
Creating temporary art in nature
Using alternative mark-making methods on paper and fabric such as burning, smoking and more.
The workshop will focus on the process of creating and include discussions about incorporating ritual into art practices and the introspective qualities of repetitive labor. For inspiration, we look at historical and contemporary artists that use these methods in their work.

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Book – Art – Object

Live Online Workshop
August 9-October 4, 2022

Are you interested in making books but not sure where to start?

In these five 2-hour live online classes, this introduction to bookmaking will take the participant on a journey through the amazing options for book making. The focus is on the many structural forms a book can take, the book as an art object, and using book elements as materials. Using this as a starting point, participants will be able to manifest their ideas in new and exciting ways.

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Art as Object: Sculptural Constructions

Fountainhead Art Space Atlanta, GA

In Person Workshop
September 1-3, 2022

Utilizing traditional and non-traditional techniques of construction, we’ll explore ways of working 3 dimensionally and in relief. With materials such as cardboard, fiber, wire, wood and plaster, students will be introduced to basketry and construction techniques as well as gestural and intuitive ways of creating forms. Surface explorations include painting with latex and encaustic paints, and leaving the materials to speak for themselves. Students have the option to make work that is 3-dimensional or wall sculpture. Discussions will focus on the objects that we collect, resonate with, and respond to and how that relates to how and what we make. All levels.

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Art, Artifacts and Altars: Day of the Dead in San Miguel – International

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In person workshop
October 29-November 2, 2022

This 5-day workshop will explore memory, personal mementos, and offerings through art-making. We will learn about Day of the Dead traditions in regards to these concepts and respond to them in our own work. Also called All Souls Day, it is thought of as the day when the veil between life and death is the thinnest and the best time for the departed to slip back to the living for a visit. It is a celebratory and happy day.We will immerse ourselves in the colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, vibrant culture, and culinary delights. In the decorated streets, altars, and cemeteries, we will explore all that this tradition has to offer. Incorporated into this focus is the concept of time, of real or imagined histories, and of faded or foggy memories.

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