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Fabric and Encaustic: Exploring Mark-Making, Pattern and Repetition

Fountainhead Art Space Atlanta, GA

In person workshop
Feb 19-21, 2022

There are endless options for unique mark-making, layering and patterning when combining surface design techniques on fabric with wax. We will explore contemporary and traditional techniques such as silk painting, batik, and discharge on silk. Students will also experiment with traditional surface design tools and learn how they can be adapted and used directly with the encaustic process.

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The Shape of Painting

The Encaustic Center Richardson, TX

In person workshop
March 4, 5, 6, 2022

Are you feeling “boxed in” by the square or rectangle of your canvas or panel? This mixed media and encaustic class focuses on moving away from the traditional format of painting and the possibilities of building and constructing with paper and wood. Participants will explore relationships of shape, image, and mark-making as well as the dimensionality of painting and painting as object.

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Travel as Inspiration: An Exploration of the Senses – International

La Romita School of Art Umbria, Italy

In person workshop
April 22-May 2, 2022

Lisa Pressman and Sue Stover lead a workshop to explore travel as a source of sensory stimulation, and how to use that information to infuse your work with fresh perspective.Students will work with textures, tones, colors, and the clarity of light from a variety of breathtaking locations chosen to inspire—a chance for artists to immerse themselves in the beauty and sensations of Umbria, Italy.

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Adapting Processes: The Fusion of Encaustic and Fabric

The International Encaustic Conference Provincetown, MA

In person workshop
May 31-June 2, 2022

Are you looking to create new and unique marks, subtle washes, or interesting repetitive elements in your work? This course combines the ancient art form of painting with encaustic and traditional methods of fabric production. It is for those who want to expand their technical and visual vocabulary and to explore the possibilities of fabric and encaustic. Susan Stover draws on her extensive background in textiles and painting and encourages participants to explore the possibilities of adapting tools and processes and to use them in a contemporary way.

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Art, Artifacts and Altars: Day of the Dead in San Miguel – International

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In person workshop
October 29-November 2, 2022

This 5-day workshop will explore memory, personal mementos, and offerings through art-making. We will learn about Day of the Dead traditions in regards to these concepts and respond to them in our own work. Also called All Souls Day, it is thought of as the day when the veil between life and death is the thinnest and the best time for the departed to slip back to the living for a visit. It is a celebratory and happy day.We will immerse ourselves in the colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, vibrant culture, and culinary delights. In the decorated streets, altars, and cemeteries, we will explore all that this tradition has to offer. Incorporated into this focus is the concept of time, of real or imagined histories, and of faded or foggy memories.

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