Look Out of Any Window (Line arrangement) - 2018 - 4 - 18" x 18" x 1.5"


My paintings and sculptures often recall an ethnic sensibility and geometric organization. I am interested in the objects made by non-Western cultures and how they are tied to identity, status, religious beliefs, and mythologies. Adapting processes that are traditionally used in the production of textiles, I use materials and techniques that refer to a collective history with the completed painting and forms revealing themselves in the making.
Pattern and repetition are an integral part of the work as I dye fabric, melt wax, embed fibers, and construct surfaces. I am intrigued with how repetitive labor, such as stamping, stitching and constructing, can be transformational and meditative. I choose these methods because it connects me to people in other cultures who work in the same way. Because of these interests, I continually explore my own ties to history, culture, and the arena of contemporary painting and sculpture.