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A Room of One’s Own

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I’ve always thought that everyone should have their own room. A place to call theirs. A sanctuary to retreat to, a place to put the collected things that spark the imagination, make us feel good or remind of a pleasant memory. A place to sit, create, ponder and dream. As an artist, the studio is this place for me. In the last 6 months I have moved my studio from my home not once but twice and have found a place I hope to be for awhile. The reason was that my home studio was getting too small (the artwork was piling up and other accumulated STUFF) and didn’t have a sink and water. This was critical as I have been doing more textile work, dyeing fabrics, in combination with the encaustic. I also want to be able to teach out of my studio. My new studio is in an old apple processing warehouse that has been converted into artist studios.

Atelier One artist building in Graton, CA.

It needed some work, i.e. a wall, lights, ventilation.

Northeast corner before.
Southeast corner before.
Northwest corner before.

I am happy to say that it’s finally all set up and I look forward to many afternoons spent painting, sharing the space with students, and the community of artists at the Atelier One. If you in the northern California wine country on November 12 or 13, sixteen Atelier One artists will be having their studios open to the public from 11:00 to 6:00.

Vent-a-Fume ventilation system installed for encaustic.
Southwest corner after with lots of work set out for open studios.
Northwest corner after and set up for open studios.

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  1. Chris Bleechmore

    congratulations….your studio is wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy many hours playing…..yes I think my studio space is saving my sanity at the moment…….to be surrounded by art supplies and bits and more bits of collections tying all together….good luck

    1. Sue

      Thank you, Chris!

    1. Sue

      Thank you, Vicky!

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