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photo by Michelle Fletcher

2017 – Art & Travel

2017, another trip around the sun, signaling new beginnings full of promise, adventures, resolutions for change and hope. I look forward to a year filled with art and teaching in new locations. In a few short days I will embark on a life long dream, a trip to a India. With my cohort, Michelle Fletcher, we will be spending 6 weeks immersed in the culture, textiles, art, music and food of Rajasthan and Gujarat.  Ten other adventurous souls will join us for 2 weeks road tripping through cities and country seeking out artisans, sacred sites, and markets. We’ll be learning some of the local crafts, painting, sketching, journaling as we go and  filling up on inspiration to take home back to our own studios. You can follow our travels on InstagramFacebook and on this blog while I’m gone. ~Namaste~