private lessons, one-on-one sessions, and small group workshops also available. Please email for more information.
working together – open studio time for students in my graton studio!

Studio time for those students who want to work independently in a community atmosphere exploring their own direction. I will be there working also and available to answer questions but no formal instruction will be given. Provided in the studio: encaustic paint, griddles, heat guns and torches, irons, some pigment sticks, tins and brushes. Students should bring: panels or other substrates (no larger than 11″ x 14″ or with approval), encaustic medium (I suggest in pellet form) and own medium brush, optional if using: collage materials, pan pastels, other items you wish to incorporate into your work. Limited to 8 participants maximum and sign up is required. Studio will be open from 11:00 to 4:00. Come for 4 hours for $80 or 5 hours for $95.

Dates: March 24, 25, April 7, 8, 21, 22. Email me to sign up and include which dates you would like.

Exploring Personal Symbols, Motifs and Designs: Block Printing on Paper and Fabric
May 5-7, 2017
Kansas City, MO – Studio Joy!

img_5072This workshop involves an in depth exploration of block printing on paper and fabric. Drawing inspiration from ethnic textiles and contemporary art, we will look at different sources and examples of how block printing can be used in artwork and  other creative pursuits. Motifs, designs and pattern repeats will be emphasized as well as the way pattern, repetition and rhythm can be used in compositions.  Students will carve rubber blocks with their own unique images and will be encouraged to develop their own personal vocabulary. Instruction will be given on different types of repeats, such as: mirror repeats, quarter turn repeats, and seamless repeats. Designs can be used for home or clothing textiles, decorative papers, in handmade books or journals, or as limited edition prints.
More information and registration here!


Pattern and Repetition: Fabric and wax
May 19-21, 2017
The Encaustic Center, Richardson, TX

Pattern and repetition are an integral part of our everyday lives. Visually we find it in nature, textiles, architecture, and objects in our environments. Physically we use it in rituals, ceremonies, and meditations. Audibly we hear it in music, mantras, and machinery. Using encaustic in combination with surface design and mark-making techniques on fabric, this workshop will explore pattern and repetition in art. Students will explore their own interest in this topic and encouraged to develop personal images, motifs and marks. This class is intended for those with working experience of encaustic at an intermediate or advanced level. Instruction will be given on silk painting, sun printing, batik, tjanting tools, layering, and stenciling to create patterns and unique marks on silk and paper and how to incorporate it into encaustic. Students will create a series of repeated images on small panels and individual pieces that address their interests and ideas. Discussions and examples will include uses of pattern and repetition conceptually as well as compositionally. FULL!


Exploring materiality: Fiber and encaustic intensive
JULY 10-14, 2017, 10:00-4:00 each day

Join me in my northern California studio for this 5-day intensive workshop. We will explore the physical properties of fabrics and fibers, ways they can be manipulated and colored, and how they can be incorporated with encaustic. This class if for participants with working experience in encaustic at an intermediate or advanced level. Various surface design techniques on fabric, such as batik, silk painting, shibori, rusting and eco-dyeing along with fiber construction techniques such as, crochet, stitching, plaiting and coiling will be introduced. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own voice in relation to their chosen materials and methods. Topics  to include other artists and examples, exercises and experimentation embedding and dipping fibers and fabrics in wax, layering and creating depth, mixed media, pattern, compositional and conceptual concerns. Students have the option of individual critique if desired. $625 + $50 materials fee. Payment in half or full. Final payments due June 1, 2017.

Half payment $337.50

Full payment $675.00


concept, passion, MATERIALITY and craft
with susan stover and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
october 16-20, 2017, 10:00-4:00 EACH DAY

Whether you work intuitively or with fully formed ideas, this workshop will explore the threads that run through our work, what drives us to create, what draws us to work with certain materials, and how we can hone our skills to complete our best work. Join artists Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Susan Stover for this in depth intensive in the northern California wine country. They will share their explorations into materials, ideas and what inspires their practices and help to further your own individual direction. Participants can expect demonstrations, studio time, exercises, short presentations and individual feedback to round out 5 days of deep exploration in encaustic and mixed media. Topics to include: developing your color palette, finding your passion, expanding your ideas, technique refinement, design fundamentals, the language of materials, and pitfalls of mediums. $795 + $50 materials fee. Payment in half or full. Final payments due September 1, 2017.

Half payment $422.50

Full payment $845.00


About Patricia:

Artist, Author, Instructor, EncaustiCamp and EncaustiKits creator, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch has a passion for inspiring others-to lead them to know and proclaim ‘I can do that!’-as she did herself over two decades ago. Her love for the medium of encaustic translates into her teaching, and students benefit from a passionate, engaging experience filled with all the knowledge Patricia has acquired and developed in her forage into this rich and diverse medium. Patricia has been an educator, specifically in encaustic, for more than twenty years. Her instructional work spans five continents, four highly successful books and two DVDs. In 2010 she created EncaustiCamp, an annual week long encaustic experience for artists with all levels of encaustic experience. In 2013 she began EncaustiCamp International, a similar experience held in various locations around the world. Patricia conducts pbsartistOpenStudio events with national visiting guest instructors at her home in Lexington, KY as well as her own bi-annual encaustic retreats. Patricia exhibits her encaustic in galleries throughout the world. As well, her reemerging works on paper as well as oil on canvas are available in galleries throughout the southeast, northwest and midwest.

save the dates!!
expanding your vision with oil and cold wax
Guest Instructor – Lisa Pressman
February 2018

Full details coming soon!

exploring lands(cape) with pattern and encaustic: a wine country retreat
with susan stover and lorraine glessner
april 16-20, 2018, 10:00-4:00 EACH DAY

Full description and registration coming soon!