The Art of Travel…Inspired Journey to India – January 29-February12, 2017

Image of flyer for Art of TravelCome join the Artist and the Gypsy Collective, Michelle Fletcher, and I as we take you on an art and textile inspired journey to India. For 2 weeks we will explore all the colors, sights, sounds and spice that make up the unique area of Rajasthan. We will visit traditional artisans in Jaipur working with block printing and various textile techniques, markets and museums. Gathering inspiration as we explore, I will be leading exercises on patterns, personal motifs and designs. Michelle will be guiding you on keeping a travel journal filled with field notes and photography, capturing images and making memories. All of this is designed to fill you up to carry you and your art to new levels as you take your inspirations back home to your own studio. FULL




Encausticamp International – Amsterdam – August 26-Sept. 2, 2017

Image of AmsterdamWith the rich history of art and culture, not to mention many museums at our doorstep, we will take the influence of Amsterdam to our encaustic palettes in this weeklong retreat. Inspiration from the masters and applying the emotions, sensations and experiences to our own hand. For full information and registration click here.